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What is the relationship between price fluctuation and output of reduced lead

Editor: Xinyuan reduced lead price                        time: December 21, 2020
How many tons of reduced lead can be produced by lead smelting furnace in a day? This depends on the scale and production efficiency of the lead smelter. In order to get enough profits, on the one hand, we should have enough production, on the other hand, we should ensure the quality. Therefore, the output quality of reduced lead is closely related to the price. What is the relationship between them?
Reducing lead
Small lead smelting furnace refers to the lead smelting furnace below 10 tons, such as 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, etc. The 3 tons and 5 tons here do not mean that the furnace body of the lead smelting furnace is so heavy, but the daily output is 3 tons or 5 tons. For example, maybe your lead smelting furnace covers a large area and uses more materials, but the output is 3 tons. Our lead smelting furnace in Xingyuan occupies a much smaller area than yours, but the output is also 3 tons. Then our lead smelting furnaces belong to the first category, which are all 3 tons A lead smelting furnace of ten tons. Let's popularize it. A daily output of 3 tons does not mean that 3 tons can be produced in 8 hours or 12 hours of normal work, but in 24 hours. This is different from other industries. It can also be said that the smelting industry is different from other industries, because once the furnace in the smelting industry is ignited and opened, it will not shut down unless it reaches the shutdown maintenance period or fails. Because it's troublesome to open the lead furnace for production (in fact, the smelting industry has this common problem), the first ignition and blowing in must be heated for 2-3 hours (the higher the output of lead smelting furnace is, the longer the preheating time is). If everything goes well, the lead liquid will flow out smoothly, and screening is also necessary, because the reduction reaction in the furnace is not complete in the early stage, which will affect the quality of liquid lead.
Reducing lead
The price fluctuation of reduced lead is relatively large, but the price fluctuation of most products is limited. Generally speaking, the profit of a ton of high-quality reduced lead is about 2000-3000 yuan. If 99.9% of the finished lead is produced in a lead smelting furnace of 3 tons per day, the daily income will reach more than 8000 yuan, and the ordinary reduced lead will reach 6000 yuan. In this way, the output value of the lead smelting furnace which can extract 99.9% of the finished lead is 1 / 3 higher than that of the ordinary lead smelting furnace. This is why many people engaged in the lead reduction industry of waste batteries have limited profits even with high production.

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