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Why does the price of reduced lead continue to rise

Editor: Xinyuan reduced lead price                         time: 2021 / 01 / 18

Since the second half of this year, the price of recycled and reduced lead has been rising all the way, from 3500 yuan / ton at the beginning of the year to 3750 yuan / ton in the second half of this year, with an increase of 250 yuan / ton. Under the situation that the price trend of international refined lead is stable or even slightly down, why does the price of reduced lead keep rising after six consecutive years of downturn? The main reasons are as follows.

reduced lead price
1、 Making full use of renewable resources has become the trend of world economic development
In developed western countries, the consumption of recycled lead is much higher than that of primary lead, and the demand is relatively strong. Developing countries, especially Southeast Asian countries, which just got rid of the financial crisis, are forced to reduce costs and consider the utilization of renewable resources and environmental protection, so they are aiming at China's recycled lead market. As reported by Xinhua News Agency on June 3 and domestic media, an Indian company is looking for waste lead, waste steel and various types of waste non-ferrous metals. In the export supply of reduced lead, some Southeast Asian countries and regions have the largest import volume, such as India, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia.
2、 The increase of export tax rebate rate stimulated the decrease of lead export, resulting in the shortage of domestic resources and the rise of price
In order to encourage non-ferrous metal enterprises to equally participate in the international market competition and enhance their competitiveness in the international market, the state timely adjusted the export tax rebate rate of non-ferrous metals in the second half of this year. The lead tax rebate rate was adjusted from 11% to 15%, an increase of 4 percentage points. In addition, in order to enhance export strength and support enterprises to expand exports, some provinces and cities have introduced subsidy policies one after another, and the tax rebate rate is equivalent to 17% of the full tax rebate. Driven by interests, those experienced foreign trade import and export companies have purchased reduced lead from some recycled lead enterprises without self-management import and export rights. For a time, lead reduction was in short supply, and some places even had money to buy it.
reduced lead price
This year, the growth of the international lead consumption market is stable, and the export volume of domestic lead-acid batteries has increased significantly (at present, 50% of the lead consumed by batteries is reduced lead). Although the lead consumption of E-bike batteries is not very large, the overall trend is good. In addition, some large domestic lead oxide enterprises are also optimistic about reducing lead as raw material. Due to the stable price trend in the international refined lead market, the domestic lead price has reached the current average of 3750 yuan per ton, which has become a strong trend in the end of the day, and the rising space is very small. The reduction of lead will not rise significantly, and may fall back to a certain extent, but the decline will not be too large.

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