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From the price of reduced lead to see the necessity of the development of reduced lead

Editor: Xinyuan reduced lead price                        time: 2021 / 01 / 04

For a long time, due to a large number of waste lead-acid batteries entering the low-cost illegal recycling channels, the phenomenon of reducing lead enterprises' shortage of raw materials and "skillful women can't cook without rice" has been repeatedly reported by the media. However, according to the statistics of enterprises in the industry, in addition to the shortage of raw materials, with the continuous expansion of the scale in recent years, the problem of overcapacity also appears.

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The lead reduction industry is developing rapidly in developed countries. Reduced lead plays an important role in the lead industry. In 2000, the percentages of reduced lead in the total output of the developed countries and regions were 46% in the United States, 58% in Japan, 48% in Germany, 57% in France and Japan, 52% in Italy and 100% in Taiwan. Although the output of lead in China is increasing rapidly, the growth rate of reduced lead is very slow. In recent five years, it has been hovering between 150000 tons and 170000 tons, and has a downward trend. According to the statistics of nonferrous gold Yearbook, in 2000, the output of reduced lead in China was only 102000 tons, accounting for 27% of the total amount of lead in China. The main reason is that the rapid development of China's original lead industry limits the increase of the share of recycled lead.
reduced lead price
As long as the waste lead is collected and sent to the recovery plant for remelting and refining, fine lead, soft lead and various lead based alloys can be produced. The batteries, which contain small amounts of antimony, are usually sold to recycled lead and other metal sheaths. The recovered lead and tin are mainly used to manufacture lead and tin alloys such as welding rod and bearing alloy. Lead in general gasoline and dyes can not be recovered, which is the main factor of lead pollution to the environment. It is difficult to recover lead from foil, electrode, heat treatment and electroplating. From the perspective of environmental protection, no matter how developed the original lead industry is, we should also pay full attention to the recycling of waste lead.

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