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Development prospect of reduced lead

In recent years, more and more recycled lead has appeared in people's vision. In recent years, with the increasingly serious lead pollution in China, a series of social events have been triggered, which has a negative impact on the development of the industry. To this end, the government departments have issued a series of relevant policies and regulations on renewable lead industry to further regulate the development of lead-acid batteries and renewable lead industry.

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In 2013, the development of China's renewable lead industry showed the characteristics of steady growth in output, improved utilization rate of advanced industrial capacity, and obvious energy conservation and emission reduction benefits.

But at the same time, the existing problems of renewable lead industry are still prominent. On the one hand, the recycling system of waste lead-acid battery is still imperfect, on the other hand, the environmental protection policies of renewable lead industry are not implemented in place.

Key regional structure or further optimization

In recent years, China's renewable lead industry has developed into a park. A number of large-scale renewable lead enterprises, such as Jiangsu xinchunxing renewable resources Co., Ltd., Hubei Jinyang Metallurgy Co., Ltd. and Anhui Huaxin lead industry group, have successively prepared to build a renewable lead Park, and introduced downstream lead-acid battery enterprises to form a closed cycle production mode of renewable lead in the park or industrial cluster area, so as to play a role in the development of local circular economy Important supporting role. At present, there are 6-8 initial scale renewable lead industrial clusters, such as the renewable lead cluster of Pizhou circular economy industrial park in Jiangsu Province.

Under the high-pressure situation of environmental protection supervision in various regions, environmental protection efforts in Hebei Province have been gradually strengthened, and all substandard recycled lead plants have been investigated and shut down. In Linyi area, Shandong Province, the environmental protection of smelting furnaces and smelting equipment was improved, and the substandard regenerated lead plants were shut down or destroyed. After the remediation of this environmental storm, the industrial structure of renewable lead industry in key regions is expected to be further optimized.

Proportion of production is expected to exceed the plan

In 2013, the lead terminal consumption fields such as automobiles and electric bicycles showed a strong growth trend. In the fields of power battery, automobile starting battery, energy storage, communication base station and so on, lead-acid battery still has strong competitiveness. Lead acid battery has the advantages of mature technology, low cost and high recyclability, which will not be eliminated in a short period of time, and the industry itself is also constantly carrying out technical innovation. Therefore, the rapid development of lead-acid battery industry will further promote the scrap volume of waste lead-acid battery to increase year by year, which will provide raw material guarantee for the renewable lead industry.

At present, the renewable lead industry has become an important part of China's lead industry. In developed countries, the proportion of renewable lead production to total lead production is more than 60%, while in China, it is only about 30%. It is understood that the last original lead enterprise in the United States was officially closed at the end of 2013, and the renewable lead industry has a large development space. From the current development situation, by 2015, the proportion of China's renewable lead production in the primary lead is expected to exceed the 40% development goal set forth in the promotion plan for the development of renewable non ferrous metal industry. This means that the development prospect of China's renewable lead industry is still broad.

The above is about the development analysis of recycled lead industry, I hope it can help you.

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